Steel Sewn River
two channel video installation
Traveling within Everyday Life TAV Taipei, Taiwan 2016
Revealing that which is rendered invisible or obscured in fleeting interactions with the urban environment offer a glimpse of the territories that hover beyond the borders of familiarity. A composition of the sounds and structures of the riverfront freeway networks that line the Treasure Hill and surrounding area of Taipei manifests in this urban poem cherishing elements of the forgotten or overlooked. Opening up the city to an alternate rhythm creates a harmony that allows patterns and continuities that the body encounters to emerge, yet do not fully register in the routine of daily life. Elements of magical surrealism transform the monolithic urban monuments into an imaginary narrative that skims the edges of the possibilities hovering beyond. This project was created through a series of urban “drifts” intended to disrupt the increasingly predictable and monotonous experience of space and time within the city. The landscape is honored with a rare instance of pure chance, an opportunity for a wholly new and authentic experience of the different atmospheres generated by urban geographies.