Creative Reuse Fashion Show
performance , intervention and workshop
Athens, Greece 2018
No one wants business suits, not the refugees, homeless, artists or anti-consumerist who frequent the Zoristirio freeshop. So what to do with this excessive waste of capitalism? Create surplus value, of course. All the garments are fashioned from the basic components of a classic business suit: jacket, slacks, button down shirt and tie. For a world ready to be post business as usual, post waste, and post exploitation of people and resources, a new fashion for a post capitalist world.
Garment design and construction Maria Juliana Byck with Helena Doyle

Photos by Pegleg Green with Marije Mutter, Mohammed Ali and Maria Rente

LIVE stream of the rooftop fashion show, with exclusive backstage access for the first Zoristirio Creative Reuse fashion show.

Livestream camera and narration by Peter Gonda
Editing by Maria Juliana Byck