Athens Subsumption
performance , interventions and workshops
Athens, Greece 2014-ongoing

Panel Performance, Performing Utopia, Athens 2016

The goal of Athens Subsumption is to trace subsumption within the urban environment through a process whereby the universal and particular are brought into relation. We are building a generative, socially integrated practice to observe and respond to new geographies emerging from the technological backdrop of global trade. We focus on where space is transformed into economic zones, places of production, and transport hubs at the point when exchange takes place, to uncover the forgotten and invisible in ways that are both playful and revealing. The group uses analogue and digital tools to dissect concepts through a variety of theoretical tools and methodologies. Two areas of inquiry within the current trajectory of our work are tourism and the commons, found everywhere, but if one moves beyond their banality, they contain a whole nexus of global trade, labor, human desires, and patterns of consumption evoking the complex relationship between inside and outside; flows and mobilities.

Our most recent project Wholy Pigeon UnLmtd startup is reordering the economic and transcendental energy flows of Tinos, Greece. Our goal is to destabilize and decentralize the powers that shape how visitors interact with the island. we offered clients a new and improved ritual to access the powers of intentionality and the opportunity to be reborn as spiritual anarchist.
This video was made to accompany our panel performance WAKE UP NOW: Full disclosure July 1, 2017 Documenta14 sellout as a part of Women’s Work in Revolt! Feminist Struggle and Insurrectionary Memory


Data Collection Hybrid City, 2015

Through workshops, urban games, visual ethnography, zines, experimental film, and online collaboration, Athens Subsumption activates different social spheres. We explore the exchange of capital, services, information, and value beyond territories and borders and the emerging socio-geographies of individuals, relationships, and inner emotional landscapes. Creating laboratories of inquiry, we examine the interconnected lives within a globalized economy and the subsequent opportunities for creating both the tangible and intangible commons.

Map of Walk, Athens Psychogeography, 2015

Since assembling in Athens in November of 2014 as part of the Goethe Institute Athens: New Babylon Revisited, Athens Subsumption has presented at Transmediale: Capture All, in Berlin, the Athens Digital Arts Festival, and Hybrid City III: Data to the People conference, a project of the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (URIAC), along with the New Technologies Laboratory of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens.
Excerpt from Metaxication urban game training video.

As a part of our collaboration I produced Sleepwalking the City.

This experimental documentary is an interwoven story of memories, histories and emotions gathered from a diverse group of Athenians as they walked through their city. The voices of the many are embodied in one protagonist who sleepwalks the city. We see and hear the city through the point of view of this character. His sleepwalking observations give a universal perspective on how the past, present, and future of a city is carved out of the individual experiences and personal truths. The initial concept, goals, and follow-up projects unfold while outlining the fate of an avatar named Andrea/s, a semi-fictitious figure whose lifetime is related to fundamental elements of the general metropolitan stories of subsumption such as energy, time, sleep, sounds, landscapes, the extended mind, or the public/private bi-polar. Transmediale: Capture All, 2015, Berlin, Germany at Glossary of Subsumption: Enclosed Athens Disclosed. Screening Side Gallery, Jaipur, India, March, 2015.

Sleepwalking the City, Athens, 2015